Description of Service and Usage Limitation

Zoo2moo will automate the migration of your videos that were created in Zoom to your organisation’s Vimeo account. Our Zoo2Moo Moodle plugin transfers all recordings to Vimeo and embeds them in your Moodle domain, rather than the link to the meeting (we hide the zoom invitation).

Privacy Policy

Information about privacy policy is here.

Payment Policy

Subscription to the Zoo2Moo service is priced here. Currently, you should contact us to pay. Payment is by credit card and is billed monthly. Cancelling the subscription will stop the video migration without deleting or changing any migrations that were already done.


  • For any support mail to:
  • Uninstallation –
      • First – stop the Zoo2Moo service in the admin portal
      • Remove the Zoo2Moo plugin from your Moodle  

Warranty Limitations

  1. The service provided allows the recordings to be transferred from Zoom’s storage account to Vimeo’s corporate storage account only. Management and control of the above accounts, deletion of files or updates is the sole responsibility of the organization.
  2. The service does not include a responsibility for deletions or transactions in the customer’s accounts with third party providers and it is the customer’s responsibility to authorise deletions, and to do so through the tools offered by third party providers. In the first stage, the deletions of the recordings on Zoom will be done manually by the customer until the customer is approved to switch to an automatic deletion mode.
  3. A change in the policy of third party providers that will harm the the video transmission service and cause damage is not our responsibility.
  4. The customer is aware that this is a new service by a startup company in which there may be malfunctions. It is our responsibility to do our best to treat the problem, without owing compensation or indemnification.
  5. It is the customer’s responsibility to regularly monitor the system and report faults/errors to us.